Call for Papers

This year’s theme is “Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation.” Reports, presentations, and other contributions related to the conference theme may include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Promising innovations in Knowledge Building: success stories, but also things that didn’t work out as hoped but that are valuable for what was learned.

b. Noteworthy Knowledge Building achievements by students.

c. Research or theory that helps build up the foundations of Knowledge Building as a set of improvable ideas.

d. Technological innovations.

e. Open source development of supports for Knowledge Building and formative evaluation.

f. Open innovation: formulating design challenges for “wisdom of the crowd” to work on.

g. Obtaining and sustaining support for Knowledge Building initiatives.

h. Administrative organization to provide school-level, district-level, or higher-level support for Knowledge Building innovation.

i. Tackling shared problems of implementation, professional development, assessment, etc.

j. Knowledge Building analytics that empower users.

k. Participatory structures in both formal and informal educational settings that give all students an intellectual stake and support multi-level engagement (students, teachers, administrators, policy makers).


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